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Description Field Ind Field Data
Leader LDR cgmIi 00
Control # 1 ocn860718253
Control # Id 3 OCoLC
Date 5 20150729160422.0
Phy Descr 7 vd cvaizq
Fixed Data 8 131014s2013 xxu633 vleng d
ISBN 20    $a1415775281
ISBN 20    $a9781415775288
Std Rec No. 24 $a032429135377
Obsolete 39    $a278878$cTLC
ME:Ufm Title 130 $aDexter (Television program)
Title 245 10 $aDexter.$h[videodisc]$nThe complete final season /$cdeveloped for television by James Manos, jr.
Title:Varint 246 $aDexter$h[videodisc].$nseason eight
Title:Varint 246 $aDexter.$nseason 8$h[videodisc]
Tag 264 264  2 $a[United States] :$bShowtime Entertainment :$bCBS DVD,$c[2013]
Phys Descrpt 300    $a4 videodiscs (633 min.) :$bsound, color ;$c4 3/4 in.
Tag 336 336    $atwo-dimensional moving image$btdi$2rdacontent
Tag 337 337    $avideo$bv$2rdamedia
Tag 338 338    $avideodisc$bvd$2rdacarrier
Tag 344 344    $adigital$boptical$2rda
Tag 347 347    $avideo file$bDVD video$2rda
Note:General 500    $aSpecial features: From cop to killer featurette; Season 8 behind the scenes; Episode 1--with the creators; Episode 2--directed by Michael C. Hall; Epsidoe 3--Dissecting a scene; Episode 4--with the creators; Ray Donovan--Season 1, episodes 1 & 2; additional bonus features available on your PC via E-Bridge Technology.
Note:General 500    $aBased on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay.
Note:Perfrmr 511 $aJames Remar, Michael C. Hall, David Zayas, Jennifer Carpenter, C.S. Lee, Desmond Harrington, Aimee Garcia, Geoff Pierson.
Abstract 520    $aSeason eight begins six months after LaGuerta's murder, and Dexter is still managing life as a dad, brother, and serial killer. As Deb struggles to deal with the consequences of her actions, a mysterious woman comes to work with Miami Metro, offering firsthand information on Dexter's past.
Audience 521    $aRating: Not rated.
Note:Details 538    $aDVD, 5.1 surround, 2.0, 16:9 aspect, region 1, NTSC, Dolby digital, technicolor.
Note:Lang 546    $aEnglish 5.1 or Spanish 2.0 dialogue; English subtitles; closed-captioned.
Local Note 590    $aReviews at online bookstore
Local Note 591    $aView at Google Books
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aMorgan, Dexter (Fictitious character)$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aForensic scientists$zFlorida$zMiami$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aCriminal investigation$zFlorida$zMiami$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aSerial murderers$zFlorida$zMiami$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aSerial murders$zFlorida$zMiami$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aCriminals$zFlorida$zMiami$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aVigilantes$zFlorida$zMiami$vDrama.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aDVDs.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aRemar, James.$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aHall, Michael C.,$d1971-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aCarpenter, Jennifer,$d1979-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aZayas, David,$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aManos, James,$cJr.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aLindsay, Jeffry P.$eauthor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aHarrington, Desmond,$d1976-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aLee, C. S.$q(Charlie S.),$d1971-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aGarcia, Aimee,$d1978-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aPierson, Geoff.
AE:Corp Name 710 $aShowtime Entertainment,$efilm distributor.
AE:Corp Name 710 $aCBS DVD (Firm)$efilm distributor.
AE:Corp Name 710 $aParamount Home Entertainment (Firm)$efilm distributor.
Local Call # 99 $h1STORAGEV$pNEW$aDEX$i34509004522561$g50.00
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