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Description Field Ind Field Data
Leader LDR pgm i 00
Control # 1 ocn123452228
Control # Id 3 OCoLC
Date 5 20171025163027.0
Linking 6 aa 000 0d
Phy Descr 7 vd bvaizm
Fixed Data 8 070424p20071951cau111 g vleng d
ISBN 20    $a1934121681
ISBN 20    $a9781934121689
Std Rec No. 24 $a715515024723
Obsolete 39    $a335476$cTLC
Local Call # 99    $h1AFICDVD$aACE$i34509004862298$g20.00
Title 245 00 $aAce in the hole$h[videodisc] /$ca Paramount picture ; written by Billy Wilder, Lesser Samuels, Walter Newman ; produced and directed by Billy Wilder.
Title:Varint 246 $aBilly Wilder's Ace in the hole$h[videodisc]
Tag 264 264 $a[Irvington, N.Y.] :$bCriterion Collection,$cc2007.
Phys Descrpt 300    $a2 videodiscs (111 min.) :$bsound , black & white ;$c4 3/4 in.
Tag 336 336    $atwo-dimensional moving image$2rdamedia
Tag 337 337    $avideo$2rdamedia
Tag 338 338    $avideodisc$2rdacarrier
Tag 344 344    $adigital$boptical$2rda
Tag 347 347    $avideo file$bDVD video$2rda
Note:General 500    $aOriginally produced as an American motion picture in 1951.
Note:Content 505 00 $aDisc 2: the supplements: "Portrait of a '60% perfect man': Billy Wilder" [featurette] (60 min.); Billy Wilder at the American Film Institute [featurette] (24 min.); Kirk Douglas interview [featurette] (14 min.); Walter Newman interview [audio only feature] (10 min.); Spike Lee afterword [featurette] (6 min.); Stills gallery; Insert (a facsimile newspaper) includes essays "Noir in broad daylight" by Molly Haskell and "Chin up for Mother" by Guy Maddin.
Note:Content 505 00 $gDisc 1: the film:$tArrival in Albuquerque -- "Where's my desk?" -- Life sentence -- "Good news is no news" -- Human interest -- Leo -- "Forget the rattlesnakes" -- Lorraine wants out -- Mr. and Mrs. America -- "Everybody likes a break" -- Ace in the hole -- Twenty minutes -- New community -- Gentlemen of the press -- From the top -- Leo suffers as the carnival arrives -- Accusations from Boot -- Rounding third -- Song for Leo -- Turn for the worse -- Out of options -- Present -- Last rites -- Circus is over -- Tatum special -- "For nothing" -- Color bars$gSpecial features: Commentary by Neil Sinyard [optional audio feature]; Theatrical trailer (2 min.).
Note:Credits 508    $aDirector of photography, Charles B. Lang, Jr.; edited by Arthur Schmidt ; music score by Hugo Friedhofer ; art direction, Hal Pereira and Earl Hedrick ; costumes, Edith Head.
Note:Perfrmr 511 $aKirk Douglas, Jan Sterling, Bob Arthur, Porter Hall, Frank Cady, Richard Benedict, Ray Teal, Frank Jaquet.
Abstract 520    $aThe Ace in the Hole, in this case, is Leo Minosa, trapped in a cliff dwelling near Albuquerque, N.M. The publicity from his situation could build a winning hand for several people: Chuck Tatum, manipulative veteran newsman; Lorraine, his bored wife who dreams of city lights; Sheriff Gus Kretzer, boosting his re-election campaign; and young Herbie, a reporter who wants to make the big leagues. In 1951, there was no 24-hour cable news, and the Albuquerque paper was not on the Internet. The modern media age, however, was dawning. A veritable carnival sets up at the rescue scene, which may be one of the sources of the term "media circus."
Note:Details 538    $aDVD; Region 1, NTSC; Dolby Digital mono; aspect ratio 1.33:1.
Note:Lang 546    $aIn English with optional subtitles in English.
Note:Awards 586    $aWinner, International Award: Billy Wilder, 1951 Venice Film Festival; Best Actress Award: Jan Sterling, 1951 National Board of Review.
Local Note 590    $aReviews at online bookstore
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aPress$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aJournalists$xProfessional ethics$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aSituation ethics$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aMine accidents$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aMass media$vDrama.
Subj:Geog. 651  0 $aAlbuquerque (N.M.)$vDrama.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aDVDs.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aMovies.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aFilm noir.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aThrillers (Motion pictures)
Genre/Form 655  0 $aFeature films.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aFilms for the hearing impaired.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aThrillers (Motion pictures, television, etc.)
Genre/Form 655  0 $aThrillers (Motion pictures)
AE:Pers Name 700 $aWilder, Billy,$d1906-2002,$eproducer,$edirector,$escreenwriter.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aDouglas, Kirk,$d1916-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aSterling, Jan,$d1923-2004,$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aArthur, Robert,$d1925-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aHall, Porter,$d1888-1953.$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aCady, Frank,$d1915-$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aBenedict, Richard,$d1916-1984,$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aTeal, Ray,$d1902-1976,$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aJaquet, Frank,$d1885-1958,$eactor.
AE:Pers Name 700 12 $aHaskell, Molly.$tNoir in broad daylight.
AE:Pers Name 700 12 $aMaddin, Guy.$tChin up for mother.
AE:Corp Name 710 $aParamount Pictures Corporation.
AE:Corp Name 710 $aCriterion Collection (Firm)
AE:Title Dif 740 $aPortrait of a 60% perfect man.
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