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Description Field Ind Field Data
Leader LDR pgm i 00
Control # 1 ocm56628169
Control # Id 3 OCoLC
Date 5 20180720145214.0
Phy Descr 7 vd mvaizq
Fixed Data 8 041005p2003193ucau254 vleng d
Tag 19 19    $a61462547
Obsolete 39    $a335486$cTLC
Title 245 04 $aThe Shirley Temple collector's edition$h[videodisc] /$cDiamond Entertainment.
Title:Varint 246 $aShirley Temple$h[videodisc]
Edition 250    $aCollector's edition.
Tag 264 264 $aWalnut, CA :$bDiamond Entertainment,$c2003.
Phys Descrpt 300    $a2 videodiscs (approximately 254 min.) :$bsound, color, black and white ;$c4 3/4 in.
Tag 336 336    $atwo-dimensional moving image$2rdamedia
Tag 337 337    $avideo$2rdamedia
Tag 338 338    $avideodisc$2rdacarrier
Tag 344 344    $adigital$boptical$2rda
Tag 347 347    $avideo file$bDVD video$2rda
Note:General 500    $aVideodisc release of Shirley Temple films from the 1930s.
Note:General 500    $aSpecial features: original graphics, film information, biography, facts and trivia, special collector's photo gallery.
Note:Content 505 00 $gDisc 1.$tThe little princess (91 min.) --$gDisc 2.$tDora's Dunkin Donut ;$tMerrily yours ;$tPie covered wagon ;$tGlad rags to riches ;$tPardon my pups ;$tPolly Tix in Washington ;$tKid n' Hollywood ;$tManaged money ;$tWhat to do? ;$tStar of the '30s ;$tWar babies ;$tKids in Africa ;$tThe little princess trailer.
Note:Perfrmr 511 $aShirley Temple, Richard Green, Anita Louise, Cesar Romero.
Abstract 520    $aCollection of Shirley Temple's early work and her first technicolor feature, The little princess, in which she plays a young schoolgirl sent to a boarding school in Victorian London when her widowed Army father is sent to fight in the Boer War.
Note:Details 538    $aDVD; stereo., Dolby digital, English 5.1 Surround.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aBoarding schools$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aFathers and daughters$vDrama.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aChildren$vDrama.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aDVDs.
Genre/Form 655  0 $aMovies.
AE:Pers Name 700 $aTemple, Shirley,$d1928-2014.$eactor.
AE:Corp Name 710 $aDiamond Entertainment Corporation.
SE:Ufm Title 830  0 $aClassic DVD series.
Local Call # 99 $h1AFICDVD$aSHI$i34509004925236$g20.00
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